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Reporting Abuse


As soon as you have reason to believe that abuse is occurring, call for help. You do not need absolute proof to report suspected abuse.  You do not need to give your name when you call. Remember, law enforcement and social service agencies cannot be everywhere. It takes all of us to help make sure that those who need protection are safe.

To report abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult or a child in Washington State, call the DSHS toll-free EndHarm hotline anytime day or night at 1-866-363-4276. ENDHARM is TTY accessible. When you call, you will speak with a real person, who will connect you to the direct, local number to make your report. You can also call directly during business hours. Call:

If it's an emergency and the person is in immediate danger, call the police.

When you call

You will be asked to give the person’s name, address, contact information and details about why you are concerned. You will also be asked for your name and number or some way of contacting you if the investigator has follow up questions. Unless there is a court action, law enforcement has been called in, or you agree, your identity is confidential. If you report in good faith, you cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from reporting.

There are certain professionals and groups of people who are mandatory reporters of abuse. Learn more.