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Most Frequently Cited WACs and RCWs in Boarding Home Facility Inspections and Complaint Investigations -- CY07 Q2

Chapter-Section-Section Description Count
WAC 388-78A-2120:  Monitoring residents' well-being. 10.46%
WAC 388-78A-2700:  Safety measures and disaster preparedness. 8.50%
WAC 388-78A-2130:  Service agreement planning. 5.95%
WAC 388-78A-2450:  Staff. 5.48%
WAC 388-78A-2480:  TB tests. 4.97%
WAC 388-78A-2090:  Full assessment topics. 4.68%
WAC 388-78A-2470:  Criminal history background checks. 4.59%
WAC 388-78A-3090:  Maintenance and housekeeping. 4.21%
WAC 388-78A-2100:  On-going assessments. 3.27%
WAC 388-78A-2210:  Medication services. 2.76%
WAC 388-78A-2305:  Food sanitation 2.64%
WAC 388-78A-2660:  Resident rights. 2.51%
WAC 388-78A-2350:  Coordination of health care services. 1.66%
WAC 388-78A-2140:  Negotiated service agreement contents. 1.62%
WAC 388-78A-2630:  Reporting abuse and neglect. 1.53%
WAC 388-78A-2290:  Family assistance with medications and treatments. 1.49%
WAC 388-78A-2320:  Intermittent nursing services systems. 1.36%
WAC 388-78A-2600:  Policies and procedures. 1.32%
WAC 388-78A-2300:  Food and nutrition services. 1.32%
WAC 388-112-0165:  Who is required to complete caregiver specialty training, and when? 1.19%
WAC 388-78A-2410:  Content of resident records. 1.06%
RCW 70.129-140:  Quality of life -- Rights 1.06%
WAC 246-215-005:  Minimum performance standards 1.02%
WAC 388-112-0075:  Who is required to complete basic training, and when? 1.02%
RCW 70.129-110:  Disclosure, transfer, and discharge requirements 0.94%
WAC 388-78A-2880:  Changing use of rooms. 0.94%
WAC 388-78A-2610:  Infection control. 0.89%
WAC 388-78A-2850:  Required reviews of building plans. 0.89%
WAC 388-78A-2440:  Resident register. 0.85%
RCW 70.129-030:  Notice of rights and services -- Admission of individuals 0.85%
WAC 388-78A-2190:  Activities of daily living. 0.85%
WAC 388-78A-2160:  Implementation of negotiated service agreement. 0.85%
WAC 388-112-0260:  What are the CPR and first-aid training requirements? 0.81%
WAC 388-78A-2150:  Signing negotiated service agreement. 0.77%
WAC 388-78A-2370:  Dementia care. 0.77%
WAC 388-78A-2950:  Water supply. 0.72%
WAC 388-78A-3150:  Statements of deficiencies and plans of correction. 0.68%
WAC 388-78A-2930:  Communication system. 0.68%
WAC 388-78A-3100:  Safe storage of supplies and equipment. 0.68%
WAC 388-78A-2640:  Reporting significant change in a resident's condition. 0.68%
WAC 388-78A-2050:  Resident characteristics. 0.55%
WAC 388-78A-2380:  Restricted egress. 0.43%
WAC 388-112-0040:  Who is required to complete orientation, and when must it be completed 0.43%
WAC 388-78A-2970:  Garbage and refuse disposal. 0.43%
WAC 388-78A-2060:  Preadmission assessment. 0.43%
WAC 388-78A-2240:  Nonavailability of medications. 0.43%
WAC 388-78A-2540:  Administrator training requirements. 0.38%
WAC 388-78A-2730:  Licensee's responsibilities. 0.34%
WAC 388-112-0285:  What documentation is required for residential care administrator training? 0.34%
WAC 388-78A-2510:  Specialized training for dementia. 0.30%
WAC 388-78A-2650:  Reporting fires and incidents. 0.30%
RCW 70.129-060:  Grievances 0.30%
WAC 388-78A-2560:  Administrator responsibilities. 0.30%
WAC 388-78A-2230:  Medication refusal. 0.30%
WAC 388-78A-2620:  Pets. 0.26%
WAC 388-110-150:  Assisted living service standards 0.26%
WAC 388-112-0035:  What documentation is required for orientation? 0.26%
WAC 388-78A-2500:  Specialized training for mental illness. 0.21%
WAC 388-112-0020:  What content must be included in an orientation? 0.21%
WAC 388-78A-3040:  Laundry. 0.21%
RCW 70.129-150:  Disclosure of fees and notice requirements -- Deposits 0.21%
WAC 388-112-0105:  Who may take modified basic training instead of the full basic training? 0.17%
WAC 388-112-0070:  What documentation is required for successful completion of basic training? 0.17%
RCW 70.129-050:  Privacy and confidentiality of personal and medical records 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-3110:  Areas for cleaning and storing soiled equipment, supplies and laundry 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-2360:  Adult day care. 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-2400:  Protection of resident records. 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-2260:  Storing, securing, and accounting for medications. 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-2420:  Record retention. 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-2170:  Required boarding home services. 0.17%
WAC 388-78A-3000:  Ventilation. 0.17%
RCW 70.129-020:  Exercise of rights 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-3060:  Storage space. 0.13%
WAC 388-112-0110:  What is specialty training? 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-3030:  Toilet rooms and bathrooms. 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-2990:  Heating-cooling -- Temperature. 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-2920:  Area for nursing supplies and equipment. 0.13%
RCW 70.129-105:  Waiver of liability and resident rights limited 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-2780:  Requirements to change boarding home licensee. 0.13%
WAC 388-78A-2180:  Activities. 0.13%
WAC 388-110-220:  Enhanced adult residential care service standards 0.09%
RCW 70.129-080:  Mail and telephone -- Privacy in communications 0.09%
WAC 246-217-015:  Applicability 0.09%
RCW 70.129-040:  Protection of resident's funds -- Financial affairs rights 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2250:  Alteration of medications. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-3080:  Guardrails -- Handrails. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2710:  Disclosure of services. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2680:  Boarding home use of audio and video monitoring. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2670:  Services by resident for boarding home. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2490:  Specialized training for developmental disabilities. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2220:  Prescribed medication authorizations. 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2390:  Resident records. 0.09%
WAC 388-112-0205:  How many hours of continuing education are required each year 0.09%
WAC 388-78A-2770:  Change in licensee. 0.04%
WAC 388-78A-2310:  Intermittent nursing services. 0.04%
RCW 70.129-120:  Restraints -- Physical or chemical 0.04%
RCW 70.129-130:  Abuse, punishment, seclusion -- Background checks 0.04%
WAC 388-78A-2270:  Resident controlled medications. 0.04%
WAC 246-215-001:  Purpose and authority 0.04%
RCW 18.20-190:  Department response to noncompliance or violations 0.04%
WAC 246-215-031:  Employee hygiene 0.04%
WAC 246-215-061:  Food handling 0.04%
WAC 388-110-090:  Administration 0.04%
WAC 388-110-100:  Transfer and discharge, social leave, and bed hold 0.04%
WAC 388-110-140:  Assisted living services facility structural requirements 0.04%
WAC 388-78A-2110:  Resident participation in assessments. 0.04%
WAC 388-78A-2070:  Timing of preadmission assessment. 0.04%
WAC 388-112-0240:  What are the documentation requirements for continuing education 0.04%
WAC 388-78A-3170:  Circumstances resulting in enforcement remedies. 0.04%