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Professionals & Providers

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Information for our Business Partners, Vendors, Contractors and other interested parties.

Residential Care Services (RCS)

RCS is responsible for the licensing and oversight of adult family homes, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities, and certified residential programs.

Home & Community Services (HCS)

The Home and Community Services (HCS) Division promotes, plans, develops and provides long-term care services for persons with disabilities and the elderly who may need state funds (Medicaid) to help pay for them.

Training Requirements & Classes

Information about DSHS required training for adult family homes, assisted living facilities, home care agencies and individual providers.

Nurse Delegation Program

Information for Registered Nurses interested in becoming or currently a Registered Nurse Delegator.

Office of Rates Management

The mission of the Office of Rates Management is to design and administer payment systems that support the provision of cost-effective long-term care.