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Enhanced Services Facilities

Following the March 11, 2014, public hearing on the draft licensing WACs, the Department revised several sections to incorporate suggestions received from stakeholders (see below for a summary of changes and a revised timeline).

There will be a public hearing on August 5, 2014, regarding the new draft licensing regulations.

Washington State has an identified gap in community placement options for individuals with complicated personal care and behavioral challenges. The lack of placement options increases the likelihood individuals will experience extended and unnecessary stays in State Hospitals.

To address this service gap, funding was established in the 2013-15 state operating budget that allows the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration to develop a new category of licensed residential facility, Enhanced Services Facilities (as authorized by RCW 70.97). Enhanced Services Facilities will support moves from State Hospitals for people who would not otherwise have a community placement.

Information and Updates

The Department is currently developing rules and policies for the oversight of this new type of licensed facility. We are seeking feedback on the DRAFT licensing WACs and the DRAFT Contract Language. In addition, we will be seeking interested and qualified providers. Please see below for the latest drafts of the licensing WACs, the ESF contract, and the procurement information.

Stakeholder Materials

Statute and Draft Regulations

Questions and Comments

For questions about the ESF Program, please contact Sandy Robertson at Sandy.Robertson@dshs.wa.gov

For questions about licensing and the licensing WACs, please contact Doug Mora at Doug.Mora@dshs.wa.gov.