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2005 NH "Dear Administrator" Letters

August 8, 2005

ADSA: NH #2005-019

Dear Nursing Facility/Home Administrator:

This is to inform you that the Residential Care Services (RCS) reference booklet, Criminal Conviction History: A Resource Guide for Licensed Nursing Homes, is being discontinued, effective immediately.

In August 2000, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) consolidated the various divisional criminal background check units into a single centralized unit with the formation of the DSHS Background Check Central Unit (BCCU).

The BCCU has just issued the DSHS BCCU Guidebook. This Guidebook replaces the RCS reference booklet. The Guidebook is intended to help those who need to understand the process and requirements for conducting a DSHS background check. A link to the DSHS Guidebook is provided on the ADSA NH Professional page under “Background Check”, online at http://www.aasa.dshs.wa.gov/professional/nh.htm.

The BCCU currently has no plans to print copies of this Guidebook; it is available in electronic format only. If you do not have access to a computer and wish to utilize this Guidebook, it will be necessary for you to identify a resource in your community, such as the local library, where you can use a computer to access the Internet.

The information contained in the Guidebook is not intended as legal advice; when in question, refer to WAC 388-97-202 or consult with your legal advisor.

If you have any questions regarding information contained in the Guidebook, please contact the BCCU directly by calling (360) 902-0299 or via e-mail at bccuinquiry@dshs.wa.gov.


Joyce Pashley Stockwell, Director
Residential Care Services