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Training for Adult Family Homes

The passage of Initiative 1163 requires most long term care (LTC) workers to receive additional training and become certified as a home care aide beginning January 7th, 2012.  Learn more.

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All AFHs have several DSHS training requirements. Read the state rules for AFH training.

If you want to train your own staff in your adult family home, you must have an instructor that meets the minimum instructor requirements (PDF format). Or, you may choose to use community educators.

Find community educators in your area.

Providing training in your AFH

The following links have the information and required notification forms for AFHs that choose to offer training in their facility.

 AFH Administrator Training

An adult family home administrator must successfully complete the Adult Family Home 48 Hour Administrator Training prior to being granted a license. A provider or entity representative planning to open a second adult family home must also complete this training.  Learn more and find a list of approved trainers.

Adult Family Home C.E. - Food Safety

In 2005, the legislature changed the requirements for adult family home providers and employees regarding food handler permits. Learn more.

The following information can be used to meet the required half hour of food handling and food safety continuing education (C.E.).