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Nurse Delegation Training for Nursing Assistants Self Study (9 hour)

Alert! Important Notice:

The following information applies to current training requirements for 2010 only.  Everything dramatically changes beginning January 1, 2011.  Unless you are looking for something you need for 2010, follow the new requirements and application forms.  Go to the new requirements and forms for 2011.

Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants is a 9-hour self-study course preparing a nursing assistant (registered or certified) to perform a task as delegated by a registered nurse. The self study uses an instructional video and workbook. Once you have completed the self study, you must pass a written test.

A nursing assistant (registered or certified) must take this course before performing a nurse delegated task. There are strict training and professional requirements about what a nursing assistant must complete before performing a nurse delegated task.

Other caregivers that are not nursing assistants (registered or certified) can also take this course for Continuing Education credit. You would not be able to accept any delegated tasks until you meet all training and professional requirements.

Finding an Instructor

Adult family home and boarding home workers

Get their training through DSHS approved instructors. Check with your employer about training before signing up for a class.

Individuals Providers

Home care agency workers

Get training varies depending on where you work.  Check with your supervisor first.